Geothermal Energy In Turkey

First geothermal exploration and investigations in Turkey started by MTA in 1962 in Balçova-İzmir. Upon this 190  geothermal fields have been discovered by MTA. The geothermal potential of Turkey is estimated (theoretically) as  31.500 Mwt. The number of wells were drilled by MTA are now 506 the total depth is 252.515 m. the proven geothermal capacity of the wells and springs are totally is 4500 Mwt. Eighteen geothermal fields, all in western Turkey, discovered  by MTA are suitable for geothermal power production & they need to be developed. The main uses of geothermal energy  in Turkey cover a wide range of applications, such as house heating and domestic hot water supply, greenhouse heating, thermal activities and balneology, industrial processes and electricity generation.


In Turkey, geothermal energy is mainly used in thermal tourism, heating applications, greenhouse heating, industrial  mineral (liquid CO2 ) and in electricity production. In Turkey, there are 18 geothermal fields discovered by MTA, which  are suitable for geothermal power production. Within these fields, there are 7 fields which are currently used for  electricity production and/or in project stage with license. The electricity production fields and installed capacities are ;  Denizli-Kızıldere (15 MWe and 6,85 MWe), AydınGermencik, (47,4 MWe), Çanakkale-Tuzla (7,5 MWe), Aydın-Salavatlı (7,95 MWe, 9,5 MWe), İzmir-Seferihisar (3,2 MWe projected) ve AydınBozköy-Çamur (9,5 MWe projected) and total  constructed electricity capacity is 94,2 MWe . In addition; Aydın-Yılmazköy, Manisa-AlaşehirKavaklıdere, Aydın-Salavatlı, Kütahya-Simav, İzmir-Dikili, İzmir-Balçova, Aydın-Umurlu, Aydın-Atça, , Aydın- Sultanhisar, Aydın-Pamukören, Kütahya-Şaphane, Manisa-Salihli-Caferbeyli, Aydın-Nazilli are suitable for electicity production.  Nevertheless those fields are in developing process. After all the additional development studies concerning these geothermal fields, it is possible that electricity production from geothermal energy will reach 1000 MWe.  In Turkey, the  direct use applications from geothermal energy include district heating, greenhouse heating and thermal tourism  facilities. Currently, there are 17 settlements which use geothermal for central house heating (85903 Residence  Equivalence, 773.14 MWt), there are 15 fields where greenhouse heating is applied (2267.2 decare, 444.34 MWt) and  there are over 350 thermal resorts which offer balneologic treatment and thermal tourism applications.


MTA, 2012,